PHP and API functional launch
Since today, a possibility of using PHP programming language and API functional has become available within uCoz web-services.
PHP – is a paid service. It is available both within packages of services (starting with “Advanced 2” package) and as a separate services ($1.99 per month).
PHP usage manual
PHP usage manual has appeared within uCoz web-services. You may get to know all the features of this function beforehand. The instruction will be updated from time to time.
New examples were added
The website actively enriches the list of examples of PHP scripts usage within uCoz web-services. In the nearest future, it will become possible to subscribe for a mailing list, save additional fields for the users, sort data and receive the articles. Each example has the demo page, where you can see the way it works. It is also possible and more convenient to download each example as the archive.
Testing starts
A lot of advanced system users have requested the implementation of PHP scripts usage within uCoz web-services. They have such a possibility now. The closed PHP testing have started at uCoz. We are also open for the suggestions about implementation of additional features.