It's possible
It's possible
For the time of uCoz web-services existence, its biggest drawback (in the opinion of some users) was lack of PHP-scripts usage.

This feature was introduced in March, 2011. It is a paid service, which can be purchased within a package of services and as a separate services ($1.99 per month).

When activating PHP service for the website, the account is created on a dedicated server. The execution of all PHP-scripts is done there. Access to the following account, data upload, change and removal is accomplished via FTP...
Latest examples:
Latest News:
Since today, a possibility of using PHP programming language and API functional has become available within uCoz web-services.
PHP – is a paid service. It is available both within packages of services (starting with “Advanced 2” package) and as a separate services ($1.99 per month).
PHP usage manual has appeared within uCoz web-services. You may get to know all the features of this function beforehand. The instruction will be updated from time to time.